New members are always welcome!
Introductory sessions for those using KYB study materials will be held on Tuesday, 23rd July at 9.30am and again on Thursday, 25th July at 7.30pm.

  • Mondays at 7.30pm – Mixed Bible Study Group at a home in Penrith.
    Leader: Hugh Prattis    *** IN RECESS during Term 3 ***
  • Mondays at 7.45pm – Mixed Bible Study Group
    (at the Manse in Penrith) based on a range of study materials.
    Leader: Steve Mannyx
  • Tuesdays at 9.45am (ladies) – church education block
    Leader: Emily Ward
  • Tuesdays at 7.30pm (mixed/couples) in a home at Ropes Crossing
    Leader: Bob Green
  • Wednesdays at 10.00am – A group for YOUNG MUMS
    at a home in South Penrith.
    Leader: Cynthia Prattis
  • Wednesdays at 7.30pm (mixed/couples) – home
    Leader: Ann and Charlie Toland (Emu Heights)
  • Thursdays at 7.30pm (ladies only) – church hall
    Leader: Emily Ward
  • Thursdays at 7.30pm (men only) – church kitchen
    Leader: Earle Mason
  • Fridays at 7.30pm – Young Women’s Bible Study Group
    Leader: Nicole Mannyx (at the Manse in Penrith)
  • Sundays at 10.15am – *Conducted in the Mandarin Language
    Leader: Tom Ong – at the church

Why not come along?    Just turn up any week if you would like to join us in studying God’s Word!

For further information about any of these groups, please contact
Rev. Steve Mannyx – 4721 2440