1 Samuel

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God’s Man (19/5/2019 at 10am)


1 Samuel 2:12-26;  1 Samuel 2:27-4:1a Key Verse – 1 Sam 3:13 Big idea: This passage alternates between condemnation of Eli’s sons and glowing reports of Samuel. It sets up for Samuel to be the next priest, prophet and judge of Israel. God will put his man in the job, a theme that will be drawn […]

“A Humble Servant” (12/5/2019 9am)


1 Samuel 2:1-11;  1 Samuel Ch.1;  Luke 1:46-56 Big idea: What are your heart’s desires? Why do you desire that? Hannah desired a son, but not so she could compete with her rival. She wished instead to be used by God.