1 Samuel

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The Leader We Really Need (23/6/2019 @ 9am)


1 Samuel 13;  1 Samuel 14:28-48 Key verse: 1 Sam 15:11a Big idea: God’s king makes two big mistakes. He doesn’t listen to God’s commands, and he adds to God’s law commands of his own. Saul may be a great warrior, but he isn’t the king Israel needs. Ultimately, Jesus is. Where sort of leader […]

The Cycle of Rejection (16/6/2019)


Romans 10:16-11:6;  1 Samuel 12 Key verse: 1 Sam 12:24-25 Big idea: Saul starts his kingship well, but Samuel warns the people that he isn’t a replacement for God. The people have sinned in asking for him, but God can bless them through kingship if they turn to him. Will the people be able to trust […]

Society Rejects God (2/6/2019 @9am)


Deuteronomy 17:14-20;  1 Samuel 8 Key verse: 1 Samuel 7:12   Big idea: Chapter 7 gives us an ideal picture of the people turning to God, led by a godly prophet, priest, and king (aka judge), and then being delivered by God. However, this doesn’t last, and in chapter 8 the people turn away from God […]

Death in the Presence of the Holy God (26/5/2019 #10am)


1 Samuel 5;  1 Samuel 6:13-7:1 Key verse: 1 Sam 6:20 Big idea: Israel, Philistia and Beth Shemesh all treat the ark of the covenant like a trophy, not as holy. God won’t stand for it. In the same way, Christians can treat God in the same way, forgetting his holiness to our own peril.

God’s Man (19/5/2019 at 10am)


1 Samuel 2:12-26;  1 Samuel 2:27-4:1a Key Verse – 1 Sam 3:13 Big idea: This passage alternates between condemnation of Eli’s sons and glowing reports of Samuel. It sets up for Samuel to be the next priest, prophet and judge of Israel. God will put his man in the job, a theme that will be drawn […]

“A Humble Servant” (12/5/2019 9am)


1 Samuel 2:1-11;  1 Samuel Ch.1;  Luke 1:46-56 Big idea: What are your heart’s desires? Why do you desire that? Hannah desired a son, but not so she could compete with her rival. She wished instead to be used by God.