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“Jesus’ Preaching: Authority and Conflict_ (14/2/21 @9am)


Title Verse: Luke 4:32 Bible Passages: Luke 4:31-44; Isaiah 61:1-3 BIG IDEA: Jesus preaches the good news bringing the reality of God’s kingdom + he is resisted by sinful hearts and evil spiritual forces but shows his power and authority over both. VIDEO SERMON LINK

“Desolation and Restoration” (2/12/2019 @ 9am)


Isaiah 34:1-4, 35:1-10; Hebrews 12:12-24 Title Verse: Isaiah 35:9c-10 Big Idea: God brings judgement on the world/nations for how they treated him and his people but God redeems + restores his people to live for him + enter into the New Jerusalem.

“A New Kingdom” (17/11/2019 @ 9am)

Isaiah 31:1-32:8; Luke 7:18-23 Title Verse: Isaiah 32:1 Big Idea:  It’s only by looking to God and his promised King that we have hope for real change, personally, in our families and in society.

“The Call for Reform” (27/10/2019 @ 9am)


Isaiah 30:1-26; Mark 1:14-20 Title Verse: Isaiah 30:15 Big Idea: God’s people refuse to turn to God and their confidence has  proved a false hope but God is eager to be gracious responding to repentance and faith.

The Sign of Baptism (10June2018 @9am)


Isaiah 43:14-44:5; Romans 6:1-14 Key Verse – Acts 2:38 Baptism is a sign that points to our identification with Christ and his death and resurrection and to our admission into the body of Christ, reminding us a fresh of his salvation Baptism is a sacrament of the New Testament, ordained by Jesus Christ, not only […]