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“Jesus and the Paralytic” (7/3/21 @ 9am)


Luke 5:17-26, Isaiah 35 Title Verse: Luke 5:20 Big Idea: Jesus salvation extends to people’s core issue – the forgiveness of sins – showing him to have divine authority and so he is rejected by some and trusted by others. SERMONVIDEOLINK

“Jesus’ Preaching: Authority and Conflict_ (14/2/21 @9am)


Title Verse: Luke 4:32 Bible Passages: Luke 4:31-44; Isaiah 61:1-3 BIG IDEA: Jesus preaches the good news bringing the reality of God’s kingdom + he is resisted by sinful hearts and evil spiritual forces but shows his power and authority over both. VIDEO SERMON LINK

“Jesus Preaches in Nazareth” (7/2/21 at 9am)


Title Verse: Luke 4:18-19 Bible Passages: Luke 4:14-30; Isaiah 61:1-10 Big Idea: Jesus presents himself as the Spirit anointed Saviour but his hometown rejection his claims because they’ve become too familiar him, and causes us to ask, “In what ways are we too familiar with Jesus?” SERMON VIDEO LINK

“Jesus’ Baptism and Genealogy” (24/1/21 @ 9am)


Luke 3:21-38, Isaiah 42:1-9 Title Verse: Luke 3:22 Big Idea: Jesus is revealed in his baptism and genealogy as the one who identifies with humanity, the Anointed One, Son and Servant, the New Adam. Application: How will you start the year with Jesus? SERMON VIDEO LINK