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On Whose Authority? God’s!


Mark 11:27-12:12;  Isaiah 5:1-7 Key Verse: Mark 12:10 Big idea: What authority does Jesus have?  True authority that comes from God, not people.  When Jesus is rejected, it only leads to greater glory through the resurrection.  You need to follow Jesus!

Fig Trees with No Figs (30/12/2018 @9am)


Mark 11:1-11;  Mark 11:12-25 Key Verse: Mark 11:13   Big idea: Jesus enters Jerusalem as the king of Israel, but when he gets there, he finds the people are faithless and fruitless. Jesus curses this empty religiosity and hints that true faith will come through a different temple. Do you trust in the new temple?

Following Jesus: Salvation by Grace (14/1/2018)


Bible Readings: Mark 9:42-10:12,   Mark 10:13-31 Key verse: Mark 10:15 Big idea:  It’s impossible to earn entry into God’s kingdom. It must be received in dependence on God’s grace. Are you living in total dependence on God?