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Praying to Share Jesus


Matthew 9:35-10:7; Ephesians 6:10-20 Key Verse – Matthew 9:37 BIG IDEA: As we share Jesus, pray for those who are lost, pray for those who share Jesus, pray for the message and pray for Christ to be glorified, for praying seeks God’s action.

Living and Speaking the Gospel? (10/2/2019 @ 5pm)


  Luke 8:9-18;   Matt. 5:13-16 Key Verse – Matthew 5:16 Big idea:  The gospel is a message about Jesus, that we must respond to, but sometimes we think the gospel message is something that can stop with us. We can believe it, but have a private faith. We can’t.

Guided By the Spirit (16/9/2018 @5pm)


Acts 16:6-10;  Matthew 10:16-20 Key verse: Matthew 10:19 God’s call for our lives is so big, that we need help knowing how to act, where to go, and what to say. God gives us that guidance.