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Jesus is Coming! (27/5/2018 @ 9am)


Revelation 22:7-21;   Isaiah 55 Key verse – Revelation 22:7 Jesus is coming back – so come to him, be washed by his blood, hold to his message in faith and obedience and worship God.

The Advance of the Kingdom (29/4/18 @ 9AM)


Key verse: Revelation 19:15 Psalm 2;  Revelation 19:11-21 Christ has conquered and throughout history he brings his conquest to bear on the nations through his people by his word – which leads to membership in his kingdom for those who submit or to be overthrown and judged for those who refuse and resist him.

Belonging – Babylon or Jesus? (22/4/2018 @9am)


Key Verse – Revelation 18:4 Revelation 18:1-20; Revelation 18:21-19:10 Babylon has fallen and the world mourns her loss whereas God’s people who were called out of Babylon rejoice in his salvation and justice and look forward to being with Christ in his home.

The Justice of God in Judgement (8/3/2018 5pm)


Key Verse: Revelation 16:5 Revelation 15, Revelation 16 God is worshiped for his victory in Jesus that brings his justice and salvation to the world and which results in his just wrath poured out on those who refuse to repent and turn to him.

The Hostility of the Beast (18/3/2018 @9am)


Revelation 13, Daniel 7:1-14 Key Verse – Revelation 13:8 Big Idea: How do Christians live in a society that is hostile to them and what they believe? They persevere in faith, standing firm on Christ and in the knowledge they belong to him, no matter what.

The Spiritual War (4/3/2018 @9am)


  Psalm 2;  Revelation 12 Key Verse – Revelation 12:10 Big Idea:  A spiritual war rages through history – Satan seeking to destroy God’s purposes, but he is defeated by Christ and those who trust in Christ share in his victory and resist the Devil.