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“A Serving Community” (24/5/2020 @ 9am)


Romans 12:1-8, Psalm 133 Title Verse: Romans 12:5 Big Idea:  God in Christ makes us a part of his people, this leaves no room for pride but to know who we are in Christ and serve God and one another. Sermon link:

“Israel’s Unfolding Story” (online 10/5/2020 at 9am)


Romans 11:1-15, Romans 11:16-36 Title Verse: Romans 11:15 Big Idea:  God’s purpose for Israel unfolds in Christ, and while at this time they reject Christ, a time is coming when they will turn to Christ and herald the return of Christ, so don’t be proud but worship God for his unfolding plan. Sermon:

“Flesh vs Spirit” (1/9/2019 @ 10.30)


Romans 8:1-17; Isaiah 44:1-11 Title Verse: Romans 8:13 Big Idea: We are to live by the Spirit and put to death the works of the sinful nature and live in the full realisation of who we are in Christ.