A Wednesday Prayer Gathering is held each week during the year at 230 Stafford Street, Penrith from 9.00 until 10.00am.  All welcome!

  • Pray for Isabella Lavalette who has suffered a major stroke this week and is very unwell.

  • Pray for Miriam Colless who is in hospital at the moment. Pray, too, for Lynnette Ryan who will soon be leaving hospital and moving into an aged care facility.

  • Pray for healing and improved health for Andrew Stewart as he moves into the ‘maintenance phase’ of his treatment for cancer.

  • Pray for Lin Hoath who has been unwell and in hospital lately for investigative treatment of her medical issues.

  • Pray for Sherrille Stephens who is living in her home again but, due to her medical problems is rarely able to leave her home to join us at church.

  • Give thanks for improvements in the health of William Stewart, Megan Cotter, Grace O’Bryan and Graham Shaw.

  • Pray for the Westcott extended family as they mourn the loss of Betty – mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  Also rejoice that she is now at home with her Lord.

Pray for those members on our prayer calendar for this week:
MONDAY – Alice Kafka, Pea Pods, Bible Studies and children’s ministry programs
TUESDAY – Carol and Russell Kirk, Special Religious Education in schools.
WEDNESDAY – Isabella Lavalette, our Weekly Prayer Gathering.
THURSDAY – Barry Lawler. Pray that our love is a mirror of Christ’s love.
FRIDAY – Maureen Lott, Stakz weekly kids’ club, Bible studies.
SATURDAY – Nicole and Steve Mannyx, Liam and Toby, the Chinese Christian Fellowship Group and Sunday worship services.
SUNDAY – Colin and Alison Morrow (Mungo Patrol in APWM), also our ministers, Steve and Hugh and their families.

Pray for those members of our church family who are frail-aged and/or unwell… Andrew McElrea, Sherrille Stephens, Barry Lawler, Elizabeth Turner, Graham Shaw, Ann Gay, Jean Hopkins, Peggy Scott, Doreen Crawford and Elaine Phillips (who is now in nursing home care).

Pray for the mission programs and families supported by our church – the Mantons, the Bloomers, Jericho Road, Alison and Colin Morrow (PIM – Mungo Patrol) and David and Gae McDonald (Darling Patrol) as they all serve our great God.

Pray that our great God will continue to use each one of us to reach out to family, friends and the wider community with the good news of the Gospel.

“God loves us: not because we are loveable but because He is love, not because He needs to receive … but because He delights to give.” (C.S.Lewis)

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