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Faithful When Faithless (9/12/2018 @ 5pm)


  Genesis 20:1-8;  Genesis 20:9-18 Key verse: 2 Tim. 2:13 Big idea: Just when Abraham’s faith had been looking really good (confirming covenant, praying for Sodom), he suddenly gives into fear and puts his blessing at risk. Our actions often have consequences, but God’s plans will succeed no matter what.

Righteous or Foolish? (2/12/2018 @ 5pm)


Genesis 18:16-33;  Genesis 19 Key verse: Luke 17:32   Big idea: Lot has become part of a wicked city. He longs for them to know God, but rather than influencing them, they influence him and his family. He’s spared because of his faith in connection to Abraham, but his fraternising with Sodom leads to disaster. Where […]

Struggling to Believe (25/11/2018 @5pm)


Genesis 18:1-15;  Hebrews 11:8-12 Key Verse – Genesis 18:14 Big idea: Sometimes we wonder if God really has washed away our sin, if God really has raised Jesus from the dead, and if God really will send him back again. We don’t follow a small God. Nothing is too difficult for him. He will do it.

New School Presbyterians (11/11/2018 @5)


Genesis 16;  Luke 1:26-38 Key Verse – Genesis 16:2 Big idea:   Sarai believed God’s promise of blessing, but thought she should try and bring it about herself (we’ve been there before!). The result was devastating. Sometimes we try to realise God’s kingdom through our own efforts, but like Sarai, the results can be devastating.