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“The False Teachers” (17/1/2021 @ 5pm)


Genesis 6:1-8;  Jude Key verse: Jude 5 Big idea: There’s a continuing move within most churches to be ecumenical, but we must be careful on what grounds that occurs lest we open ourselves to false teachers. False teaching is very dangerous. SERMON VIDEO LINK

“Kept By God” (10/1/2021 @ 5pm)


Jude 1;  Revelation 5:6-14 Key verse: Jude 1b-2 “To those who have been called, who are loved by God the Father and kept by Jesus Christ: Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.” Big idea: God has lovingly chosen and saved us to be holy and he will preserve us (despite false teachers) to […]

“John’s Death” (20/12/2020 @ 5pm)


Mark 6:14–29, Mark 9:9-13 Key verse: Mark 6:14 Big idea: In the Old Testament, it’s easy to miss the themes of resurrection and eternal life, but the death of John the prophet helps us to see that Jesus death and resurrection is fitting and inevitable. SERMON VIDEO LINK

“John’s Legacy” (27/12/2020 @ 5pm)

Acts 19:1-6, John 3:22-30 Key verse: John 3:30 Big idea: We’ve spent 6 weeks on John the Baptist. He’s an important historical and theological figure, but we must recognise him and then look past him, as we must do for any servant of Christ. Sermon Video Link