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New School Presbyterians (11/11/2018 @5)


Genesis 16;  Luke 1:26-38 Key Verse – Genesis 16:2 Big idea:   Sarai believed God’s promise of blessing, but thought she should try and bring it about herself (we’ve been there before!). The result was devastating. Sometimes we try to realise God’s kingdom through our own efforts, but like Sarai, the results can be devastating.

Blessing by Faith (4/11/2018 @5pm)


Genesis 15;  Romans 4:16-25 Key Verse – Genesis 15:6 Big Idea: Abraham believed God would fulfil his promises, not by his own works but by faith. This is the foundation of the Bible’s whole message.

Rich in Faith (28/10/2018 @5pm)


  Genesis 13;  Genesis 14 Key verse: Genesis 13:714b-15   Big question: Our eyes can be deceiving. Lot takes what looks good. Abram trusts God, and God blesses Abram through the mediator Melchizedek. With God’s blessing, he can resist the fleeting offer of human wealth. What about you?

Happy in Christ (28/10/2018 @ 9am)


Psalm 16; Acts 2:22-39 Key Verse – Psalm 16:2 Big Idea: Our true joy and delight is found in God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and this gives joy to the rest of life.

Promise, Trust, Failure, Grace (21/10/2018 @ 5pm)


  Genesis 11:27-12:9;  Genesis 12:10-20 Key Verse – Genesis 12:7a Big question: We have great promises in Jesus, but when the hurdles of life come we’re tempted to try and realise them on our own. God’s gracious when we blunder. Is he being gracious to you tonight in calling you away from your own efforts and […]