A Wednesday Prayer Gathering is held each week during the year at the Manse in Stafford St, Penrith from 9.00 until 10.00am (resuming on 1st February, 2023).

Perhaps this year (2023) is the time for you to come along?

Contact William Stewart for details.  You will be most welcome!

  • Pray for the many people across Australia who have been doing it so tough during the past two years of COVID problems that are affecting their finances and also their mental health and well-being.  Pray, too for their children and families.
  • Pray for those people who are innocent victims in war-torn countries around the world. Pray for peace and also for those who are suffering as a result of violence and assaults in our own local community.

Pray for the mission programs and families supported by our church – the Mantons, the Bloomers in Austria, Jericho Road, Alison and Colin Morrow (PIM – Mungo Patrol) as they all serve our great God.

Pray that our great God will continue to use each one of us to reach out to family, friends and the wider community with the good news of the Gospel.

“God loves us: not because we are loveable but because He is love, not because He needs to receive … but because He delights to give.” (C.S.Lewis)

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