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“Irony” (10/4/2020)


GOOD FRIDAY SERMON at 9am on 10th April, 2020   Mark 15:16-32,   Mark 15:33-41 Key verse: Mark 15:39 Big idea: Jesus is mocked as a false king, a sinner, and a failed saviour, but the joke is on the mockers, as the true irony of the cross reveals Jesus to be the true righteous […]

Expecting the Surprise (21/4/2019 @5pm)


Luke 24:33-53;  Psalm 16:8-11;  Hosea 5:14-6:3 Key verse: Luke 24:39 Big idea: The disciples are shocked at Jesus’ resurrection, but they shouldn’t be. The purpose of Jesus advent was to suffer and rise from the dead so that forgiveness might be offered in his name. What do you make of the resurrection?

The Road to Christ (21/4/2019) @9am


Luke 24:1-12; Luke 24:13-35 Key Verse – Luke 24:26 Big Idea:  Jesus is risen from dead and reveals himself to two disciples and so too reveals himself to us as the Risen Saviour through his word.