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“Thanksgiving Service for 2023” (12/3/23)


Title verse: Psalm 65:5 Psalm 65, Matthew 9:35-10:6 Big Idea: You answer us with awesome and righteous deeds, God our Saviour, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas. Apology: No Sermon Video Available

“The Gospel and Prayer” (5/3/2023)


Key verse: John 14:13 Matthew 7:7-11; Romans 8:18-27 Big idea: As sinners we can’t come to God, but Jesus opens the way to God and blessing for us. We can now ask and receive every good thing from him in prayer. SERMONVIDEOLINK

“Witness” (7/3/21 @ 5pm)


Luke 8:9-18; Matthew 5:13-16 Key verse: Matthew 5:16 Big idea: Sometimes we think the gospel message is something that can stop with us. We can believe it, but have a private faith. We can’t. SERMONVIDEOLINK

“John the Herald” (15/11/20 @ 5pm)


Matthew 3:1-6, Matthew 11:2-15 Key verse: Matthew 11:11 Big idea: John was the link between the OT and the new. He came as a second Elijah calling people to repent and renew the covenant ready for the Messiah’s arrival. Yet John still only tasted the covenant of grace that was about to pour forth. This […]

“THE SHEEP AND THE GOATS” sermon streamed online 29/3/2020


Bible Readings Matthew 25: 31-46 Big Idea: As part of God’s family and Jesus’ brothers we are to show the family resemblance, the character of Christ. Click this link for VIDEO of the sermon: Click on this link to view the FULL 9am SERVICE: