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“Before the Throne of God” (30Jan22)


  Key verse: Exodus 25:22 Exodus 16:31-35, Numbers 17:1-11;  Exodus 25:10-22 Big idea:  The lid of the ark, resembling God’s throne, was known as the atonement cover, and when the high priest (represented by Aaron’s staff) sprinkled blood on this, God would honour his covenant (represented by the stone tablets) and bless his people (represented […]

“Living in the Heavenly Holy Place) (23JAN22)


Key verse: Leviticus 24:2 Exodus 25:23-40,   Exodus 30:1-10 Big idea:  In the Holy place there were three items: the lampstand, the table, and the incense altar. Each of these items had its own purpose and symbolism. Although we don’t need the physical tabernacle, we still experience its spiritual realities. SERMONVIDEOLINK

“We All Need a Priest” (16JAN22)


Key verse: Exodus 28:3 Exodus 28:1-30, Exodus 28:31-43, Hebrews 4:14-16 Big idea: The high priest was the link between the people and God. The people were accepted by God because the high priest took their offering and mediated for them. Jesus is our high priest, and we must come to God through him, not on […]