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“The Gospel and the World”. (Steve – 12/2/23)


Key verse: Habakkak 2:14 Genesis 10:1-32, Isaiah 42:10-17 Big idea: The story of the centres on the city of Jerusalem, but its scope is the ends of the earth. How big is it! How joyful it is to be part of it! How important it is to reach it! SERMONVIDEOLINK

“A Tale of Two Cities and Two Kingdoms” (27/6/21 @ 9am)


Title Verse: Isaiah 48:9 Bible Passages: Isaiah 47, Isaiah 48 BIG IDEA: 1. The kingdom of the world is on a downward spiral of sin towards decay and destruction and the only hope for those in the world is Jesus. SERMON VIDEO LINK   2. We have been brought into God’s kingdom by Jesus out […]

“Carried by God” (20/6/21 @ 9am)


Title verse: Isaiah 46:4 Isaiah 46, 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 BIG IDEA: Idols are powerless and must be carried to move, but God carries and helps his people; we move away from God and his righteousness but he draws near and saves us giving us his righteousness in Christ – this we are to remember and […]

“Cyrus the Saviour” (13/6/21)


Key verse: Isaiah 45:13 Isaiah 44:24-45:8; Isaiah 45:9-25 Big idea: God has a plan to Save Israel, but it will involve a pagan king! The Jews may be wondering how God can do this, but God as our maker and sustainer can do what he wants. Jesus was also an unexpected servant, being put to […]

“THE STORY WE LIVE BY” (6/6/2021 @ 9AM)


Title Verse: Isaiah 44:8 Isaiah 44:1-23; Colossians 2:6-3:4 BIG IDEA: Don’t concede to societies false narratives and the idols is makes but build your foundation on God – the Rock, who forgives your sin in Christ and gives your the Spirit. VIDEO SERMON LINK 

“Saving the Nations” (23/5/2021 @ 9am)


Isaiah 42:10-25; 2 Corinthians 3:7-4:6 Title Verse: Isaiah 42:16 Big Idea: God alone saves the world through his Son and so we are to look to Him, not only for our own salvation, but for him to bring salvation to the world. SERMON VIDEO LINK