2 Samuel

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“A Beautiful Saviour” (5JUNE22 @9am)


Key verse: 2 Samuel 24:17 2 Samuel 24; John 10:7-21 Big idea: David is used by God to punish Israel for their sin, but in doing so he also shows his priestly intercession, offering to take the punishment himself and purchasing land that would become the temple.

“David the Royal Judge” (8/5/22 @ 9am)


Key verse: 2 Samuel 21:1 2 Samuel 21:1-14;  Joshua 9 Big idea: This story is confronting, but it’s that very thing that makes it so applicable. No one big idea, but the most important is that David is a righteous judge. SERMONVIDEOLINK

“Restored, but Broken” (26/9/21 @ 9am)


2 Samuel 19:9-23,   2 Samuel 19:31-43 Key verse: 2 Samuel 19:9-10 Big idea: David’s kingship is restored, but his reign is a shell of its former glory. As we come to the end of David’s story (the next four chapters are a large postscript) we’re left wondering about God’s plan (how will he bring blessing […]

“God’s Messiah and the Nations” (8/8/21 @ 9am)


2 Samuel 8; 2 Samuel 10 Key verse: 2 Samuel 8:6 Big idea: God’s chosen king David offers peace to Israel’s neighbours, but where they reject it, he subdues and plunders God’s enemies for the glory of God. Jesus will do the same. SERMON VIDEO LINK

“Covenant Faithfulness and Love” (1/8/21 @ 9am)


Psalm 15;  2 Samuel 9 Key verse: 2 Samuel 19:28: Big idea: David shows his covenant faithfulness to a political adversary. In doing this he shows his appropriateness to be Israel’s king, and Mephibosheth develops love and joy for his lord. SERMON VIDEO LINK