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“Blessing or Curse?” 17/7/22 @ 9am


Key verse:  Amos 9:8 Amos 9:1-10;  Amos 9:11-15 Big idea:  We hate hearing about judgment – and Amos has 8 ½ chapters of it – but we need to hear it so we repent and can receive God’s blessing through Christ. SERMONVIDEOLINK

“Surprised by the Day of the Lord” (26/6/22 @9am)


Key verse: Amos 5:18 Amos 5:18-27;  Amos 6:1-14 Big idea: Many people long for the day of judgement, thinking they’ll be safe on it. If you don’t have a living faith in Christ, you’re not safe. If you do have faith then you can say with John: come Lord Jesus. SERMONVIDEOLINK

“God Hates Religion” (19/6/22 @ 9am)


Key verse: Amos 4:13 Amos 4:4-13;  Amos 5:1-17 Big idea: Israel didn’t properly understand who God was so they didn’t worship him properly (just gave him lip service). God is the powerful creator and judge and he wants you to worship him with your whole heart, through faith in Christ. SERMONVIDEOLINK

“Respectable Sin” (19/6/22)


Key verse: Amos 3:2 Amos 3:1-8;  Amos 3:9-4:3 Big idea: God always gives warning before he sends destruction, but if you don’t heed it, he will destroy. In this case the warning is for the wealthy. Are we in the same boat? SERMONVIDEOLINK